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Office of Continuing Education

Welcome! The Office of Continuing Education get paid for internet traffic provides lifelong learning opportunities for you, including a wide variety of credit and non-credit courses, certificates, and degree programs. Our offerings include professional development for teachers, community and life enrichment courses, computer training, and more. We have learning opportunities for high school students, working adults, senior citizens... there's something for everyone!

The Office of Continuing Education is part of CWU Graduate Studies, Research, and Continuing Education - a family of academic units that conduct academic programming, research, and community service how to make money from web site .


What's New?

CWU Launches Global Wine Studies Degree
The CWU World Wine Program has launched a new, four-year, wine degree program. Global Wine Studies is for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the wine industry. The program prepares graduates for careers in winery and vineyard management, wine merchandising, wholesale, retail, e-commerce, distribution, marketing, import/export, hospitality, entrepreneurship, consulting, and how to make money on your website more.
Posted on 9/11/2008

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